Review: Fage peach yogurt

Okay, so I started adding the purchase of yogurt to my grocery shopping list not long ago.  Something about the texture of yogurt was not appealing to me. To the point that I used to freeze my yogurts to sabotage It’s texture. Keeping in mind that before I used to purchase the unhealthy by all means brands. Okay so after hearing so much rave about greek yogurt for a while now and trying Fage Total 2% peach yogurt, without changing its texture. My verdict is,  I love it! I had it for breakfast today with crushed almonds and a bit of bananas. I like the creamy and thick texture, which stops me from freezing it. In this case the peach taste very peachy and not overly sweet. Also I find the containers the cutest yet innovative thing in the world of yogurt, hehe.  Can’t wait to try all the other flavors and incorporating Fage greek yogurt into my cooking.

Here is the ingredient list for FAGE Total 2% with Peach:  Grade A pasteurized Skimmed Milk and Cream, Live Active Yogurt Cultures, Peachess, Sugar, Corn Starch, Peach Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Xantham.


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