Isla Mujeres,Mexico Parte 1

FOOD & DRINKS in Isla Mujeres, Mexico:

Our 1st night in Isla Mujeres took us to Ballyhoo. An ocean-front restaurant famous for their fish tacos and fish and chips. We tried both along with Victoria beer and Mango Margarita (Best margarita ever). Food was great, drinks were great and the cool ocean breeze was a sign that our mini vacation was going to be memorable.

We headed to “El Mercado Municipal” several mornings to check out the produce available. Also for breakfast at Loncheria San Martin, at very inexpensive prices. Food, drinks for two and tip for no more than $10. Say what?! Yeah. Several locals go there so food must be what it should be, authentic.

Huevos Divorciados are two fried eggs, each doused with either a spicy-tart green tomatillo salsa or a smoky red tomato-chile salsa (chilaquiles sauce). Sometimes a runnel of beans separates them, and there are always tortillas on the side for sopping up the pool of salsa and runny yolk. At the mercado’s restaurant they actually add white rice to the dish. A first for me but eggs pretty much taste great with everything.

Below, A slightly different take on Huevos Divorciados at a restaurant called “Bucaneros”.





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