One week of FREE Yoga!

Did you know that the month of September is National Yoga month?!

To celebrate, the Yoga Health Foundation has a campaign going on in which you can get to experience FREE yoga for a week! Just go on over here and register. After doing so, you’ll be able to search for a participating Yoga Studio nearby… there are over 1,600 participating studios! I found my studio just a few blocks from my  house! YAY

Details: You will get a One Yoga Month Card with the value of One FREE week at the studio you select once you register. Keep in mind that  this coupon can be redeemed ONLY ONCE at participating studios from September 1 until October 30. One Yoga Month Card per NEW STUDENT ONLY. Existing students (which means if you have been practicing at your selected yoga studio in the past) may not qualify for this offer.

I’m super excited to go ahead and enjoy Bikram yoga for free This week coming up.  Hope you get to it as well!! 🙂 Good day all!



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