Isla Mujeres, Mexico Parte 2


La Cazuela M & J restaurant: Great breakfast! Very nice place with a comfortable atmosphere. Lots of old pictures on the walls and lots of cheerful colors throughout the restaurant. We sat on the small veranda overlooking Guerrero. It’s located just 2 blocks away from Hidalgo the main street in Dowtown Isla.

CAZUELA: The specialty of the restaurant is the Cazuelas, which are kind of a cross between an omelet and a soufflé. They are brought to the table in piping hot ceramic bowls. They offered many varieties. The one i had was with ham, tomato, peppers and cheese. Delicious!

Another Favorite of mine, was Qubano. A cuban restaurant specializing in Toston (or Patacon as other countries call it). We were greeted by Vivian (the owner), very talkative and pleasant lady.

We started with a fresh watermelon water – which was refreshing and delicious.  Then it was on to the toston sandwich, which was chicken with onions in vinagrette on flatten fried green plantains. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dish.

A daily stop was to get dessert. This gelato joint was located across from our hotel. They made it so easy for me to get my sweet fix, hehe.

This restaurant was located basically on the opposite tip of Isla from where we stayed. Took about 25 minutes in our golf cart to get to it.

Coconut shrimp with a delicious mango sauce.

Excuse me for the not so great pictures. I honestly didn’t have a blog in mind back then. 🙂



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