Whole Foods lovin’ + Naan quick Pizza

Whole Foods has become my 2nd home the last 2 weeks.The home I visit every other day and feel more comfortable with every visit. Highlight of today’s WF visit was that brown cardboard container.  For some reason I’ve never been adventurous enough to enter the hot food area of WF but today while looking for Naan bread, I discovered freshly made bread pudding. I’m still savoring every bite, Simply amazing!

Dinner:This was my first time using naan bread, so I decided to do a simple mini pizza.

Naan bread topped with 2 tbsp pasta sauce, 2/3 rotisserie shredded chicken,1/4 baby spinach and shredded four cheese. Convention oven on 400 degrees for 2 minutes.

What do you do with naan bread?


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