Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen= Culinary heaven!

The Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC. The Meat Hook brings local, organic, grass fed meet to Brooklyn with artisanal craftsmanship.  As part of the Brooklyn Kitchen, it’s really a one stop shop for all your culinary wants including mason jars, cast iron pans, pasta making machines, organic grains and much more.  They also offer classes and workshops to the public on the second floor. About 4 years ago when The Brooklyn Kitchen first started off I went to “The Basics” class. It was very informative and I had so much fun.

Now talking about the good stuff, MEAT! so far I have only tried the ground pork (which I used to make a delicious soup). It was so flavorful.  You know how supermarket meat is so bland and uniform, it seems removed from nature?  With meat from The Meat Hook, there is no mistaking that you are eating an animal.  It’s wilder, tastier, more flavorful, not symmetrical, not predictable.  This is one of the very few places in NYC besides farmers markets where you can get meat that is raised and slaughtered and butchered the way it should be. Need to go back to get lamb and pork chops and SAUSAGES. They have an amazing selection of sausages. The price point is relatively high, but the quality is so so worth it.

These products are already pre-packaged but still fresh. I didn’t take pictures of the butcher/deli area because it was very crowded the time I went.

I need one of these in my life ASAP!

This is what I got!


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