A lot has changed…

Wow, Its been forever since I last posted. A lot of things have happened some negative, some positive. Simply put, a lot has changed. I have changed, my life, my goals, my mentality, my body. I was contemplating writing a long post about the things that affected my life and made the old idea of sharing my fitness journey, not a priority. Then i decided those things are the negative ones, and even though I’ve learned and moved on I’m not going to waste time on bringing them back.

One thing I will share is my fitness progress  from back in that time. Where I began , where I finish and where i’m at now. A lot did happened in between. But today , I stand stronger and with the goal of enjoying the process more.

May 2012


August 2012


Above you can see 3 months (12 weeks) of  a lot of work. With all honesty a few obstacles and bad food choices throughout those 3 months, but kept much of the consistency needed to acquire results. But after these results, many changes took place. Loss of a loved one, Loss of a job, and the realization that the coaching I was receiving to prep for show, wasn’t the healthiest one. You already know I was under a coaching team and we’ll I will leave that topic for another post. In which I will show my current body photos. I let myself go. Stopped working out, stopped eating healthy. I just went through a “I don’t give a &@#%”. Until I guess other aspects of my life took a more positive note and it’s more overall stable is that I think I’ve refocused myself. Damage to my progress had been done but that lack of effort and the negativity was short lived ( short lived for about one year). Now is time to keep that positiveness, drive and determination on high!


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