Food for thought


I have to be very honest, honest with myself! After all that previous hard work and getting great results, came the letting go. I let go of my fitness goals. Granted, I had a lot of obstacle going on in my life then but the main obstacle was my mind. I had let my mind give up. I now realize that aside from those obstacles, i had let lazy tendencies and a careless attitude take precedence over my fitness goals. Now that I want to give this journey a fresh start, I’m taking a more fun yet focused approach. I still have the specific goal of stepping on stage. This time around I will not be with a coach who supplies me with cookie cutter meal plans nor harm my health by having me do extremely crazy amounts of cardio. I have started doing my home work and obtaining inquiries from different coaches. Coaches that seem to have good reputation and show that they really care about helping others reach their goals, not just the monetary benefit. I’m also going to be following a more flexible dieting approach. This is suppose to be a forever lifestyle change and need a way of eating that can be maintained from here on out. This flexible dieting or IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) way of eating will allow me to, depending on my individual goals , live a less restrictive day to day.  I will soon post more about the whole IIFYM approach.

I feel this time around I will be able to completely accomplish my goals, since i will be building a more fun and less restrictive relationship with food.  I foresee a lot of delicious recipes and treats been feature on the days to come!

Remember only you have the power to do anything you set yourself to do! keep pushing…


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