Grocery shopping

Bikini Prep Food:

Only one 3lb ground turkey pack is for my food prep, 2 18ct eggs, organic salad mix and spinach and Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning.

I had 2 do this 2x. I had double the amount of brocolli, cauliflower and string beans.

5 bags of string beans, 16 bags of brocolli florets and 11 bags of cauliflower.

I’ve been working a lot lately, a lot. Going to go chicken breast and white fish shopping tomorrow right from the airport.

Also super excited, I have received a few products to sample and review. Reviews coming soon.



Mail from Vitacost

I was able to place another order at using a $10 OFF code, after referring a friend.

I got Rize organic active dry yeast, Rumford baking powder, Bob’s Red Mill baking soda and Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free baking flour for FREE. All I had to pay was $4.99 for shipping.

Click HERE. To find out more about the $10 OFF code and as well as see my previous order.

They also sent this chewy supplement samples.

What’s your favorite Online Health store?


Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen= Culinary heaven!

The Meat Hook and Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC. The Meat Hook brings local, organic, grass fed meet to Brooklyn with artisanal craftsmanship.  As part of the Brooklyn Kitchen, it’s really a one stop shop for all your culinary wants including mason jars, cast iron pans, pasta making machines, organic grains and much more.  They also offer classes and workshops to the public on the second floor. About 4 years ago when The Brooklyn Kitchen first started off I went to “The Basics” class. It was very informative and I had so much fun.

Now talking about the good stuff, MEAT! so far I have only tried the ground pork (which I used to make a delicious soup). It was so flavorful.  You know how supermarket meat is so bland and uniform, it seems removed from nature?  With meat from The Meat Hook, there is no mistaking that you are eating an animal.  It’s wilder, tastier, more flavorful, not symmetrical, not predictable.  This is one of the very few places in NYC besides farmers markets where you can get meat that is raised and slaughtered and butchered the way it should be. Need to go back to get lamb and pork chops and SAUSAGES. They have an amazing selection of sausages. The price point is relatively high, but the quality is so so worth it.

These products are already pre-packaged but still fresh. I didn’t take pictures of the butcher/deli area because it was very crowded the time I went.

I need one of these in my life ASAP!

This is what I got!

Vitacost , special delivery

I love love love receiving packages in the mail. I placed several orders online through and received my first order today. One of the items which was a box of stevia sweetener became out of stock after I placed my order so I ended up paying $2.26 for all 3 items including shipping!

Currently, is offering up $10 off ANY order for new customers. All you will have to pay is $4.99 for shipping. Also every time you refer a friend you both will get a $10 coupon sent through email. Vitacost has a huge selection of healthy/organic products and also supplements.

Bob’s Red Mill muesli 18oz retails for $4.99 at my local store

Bragg Organic apples cider vinegar 16oz retails for $3.99 at my local store

Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal retails for $1.99 at my local store

Hurry and take advantage of this great deal!

New Discovery

Yesterday, while walking through Chinatown NYC I came across a plethora of produce stands right under the Manhattan Bridge(Forsyth street). A variety of greens and herbs at insane cheap prices.As you can see from the face in the above pic, I was super happy!

I had 2 of these bags filled with green veggies and still taking a last look through the crowd to see if wanted anything else.

Writing all the prices of produced I purchased, to share with you guys.

I got all  this for right under $10.00


Baby Bok choy: 2 lbs/$1.50

Green peppers: 2 lbs/$1.00

Brocolli (just florets): 2 lbs/$1.00

Steak tomatoes: 3 lbs/$2.00

Asparagus: .75 cents each

Ginger: 2 lbs/$1.50

Scallion: 3/ $1.00

Garlic (pack of 5):$1.00

Chives: $1.00 each bundle

Onions (2 lbs bag) $1.00

I went pretty early in the day. I was told that at the end of the day prices go down. Since they want to get rid of as much produce as possible. Can’t wait to go back and see what new produce I come across.

Whole Foods deal:

Great Deal for Whole Foods Market lovers. LivingSocial is offering this amazing deal. Simply head on over to, sign in with Facebook account/register for an account and then click on the Buy Now button to snatch up a $20 voucher to Whole Foods Market for ONLY $10! Use this voucher to snatch up organic produce, meats and more and keep in mind that this voucher can be used over multiple purchases! This is great so hurry and get yours, only one day left of this offer.

Simple things…

While on my way to Whole Foods supermarket for the 3rd day in a row (I know I’m sounding WF obsess, but going there makes me extremely happy), I walked by Sephora and was approached by an employee who gave me a rose. All Sephora were handing out a rose promoting This unexpected gesture made me even happier. It’s the simple things in life. 🙂

What unexpected gesture makes you happy?