I’m back and stronger than ever!!

Last few months have been crazy for me!! Adapting to Bombshell competition prep and traveling has been such a challenge for me. The first 2 months I wasn’t able to focus on training therefore didn’t have any change. But the last month, change has come and there’s no turning back. The last month has been the only time I have been able to follow my plan and hit it hard at gym. Took me a while to learn all the weight training exercises and get used to the intense cardio routines. Learning and building resistance feels amazing.
This last month, I have finally seen my physique change. It’s not a jaw dropping change BUT it’s a change that motivates me to keep working on my body. My body deserves to be turned into a masterpiece. Only I have that power to do so. I have lost a total of 10lbs BUT still have 8-10lbs more to lose, in order to be stage ready. My legs have gotten tighter and my waist smaller. My upper body needs lots of work, these arms of mine are no way near where they have to be. I will get there though, I will!!! Will post progress pics soon.

This journey towards the NPC stage has been great. I have met so many inspirational people, especially woman.  I have also learned so much about fitness overall. Most exciting I have discovered many goodies (supplements and food). Will be sharing soon with all of you!!

Change is great!! What are you waiting for?? Change an aspect of your lifestyle you’re not content with today. You will be surprise how it benefits your overall well-being!!


NPC Figure and Bikini Workshop:

It’s official! I was able to get this day OFF at work and I will be traveling to Boston from NYC to meet these fabulous young ladies. Nathalia Melo, My favorite IFBB Pro competitor and Nicole Nagrani, Ms. Bikini Olympia 2011. Along with many other representatives of Team Bombshell and the Fitness world and other enthusiast as myself!! Super duper excited!! GIRL FUN!!

BTW: It’s FREE Guys! So I encourage anyone who is into Nutrition and fitness overall not just competing to GO GO GO!!

Food Scale?

Now that I’m getting ready for my very first Bikini Competition Prep, one must have tool is a food scale. I need to weight and measure my food intake. I’ve been looking at a few scales and trying to select a scale that has received good reviews as well as easy on the pocket. So far this is what i got:




I still haven’t made up my mind on which one I like more.

What’s your favorite food scale?

Ezekiel, you make it so easy!

Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted bread , 2 organic eggs boiled, avocado spread with pepper flakes and Sriracha.


The entire idea of sprouted grains is new to me. The BF put me on to this after reading The Warrior Diet. The idea behind sprouting grains is about briefly soaking the grains in order that the grains can attain an easier to digest state. Even whole wheat grains and breads, while beneficial, are still difficult on the digestive system to break down, and sprouting grains addresses this issue. Isn’t that great?! When I first tried it I was really hoping I would like it, and even said a little prayer to my taste buds saints. Hallelujah!, I loved it!

Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread is an organic, nutritionally dense, high fiber bread that also is a complete protein — one of the few breads on the market that contain all 9 essential amino acids, is low in fat, has no Trans Fats or cholesterol and is generally low in sodium. I have also heard great things about their cereal, next thing on shopping list.


How do you enjoy your sprouted bread?


Peaceful Place

Woke up today wanting to be on a plane on my way to this peaceful and cheerful place. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I took this photo with a simple point and shoot and I’m so glad that’s all I need to still capture the beauty. This was on the South west coast of the island. The bf and I stood in downtown Isla, which is at the North west of the island. We travel for about 30 minutes in a golf cart (the most common method of transportation in the island) all around the coast line till we came across this spectacular view.

I will do a more detailed post later on today. Just had to share a place in the world that makes me feel peaceful and more in tune with myself.

Which Yoga mat?

I have a yoga mat dilemma. I’m determined t do Bikram Yoga for at least 5-6 times a week. But in order to do so I need a good yoga mat. One that will make all 26 postures as comfortable as possible and will hold up to my river of sweat. So far I’ve narrowed it down to Gaiam and Aurorae :

Gaiam Yoga Mat $25

Aurorae Yoga Mat $35

I’m definitely trying to stay at a certain budget since I’m going through a job transition at the moment. Would really appreciate other suggestions or reviews you guys might have for me. Trying to decide by this weekend, since I would like to start ASAP.

What’s your all time favorite  yoga mat?