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A lot has changed…

Wow, Its been forever since I last posted. A lot of things have happened some negative, some positive. Simply put, a lot has changed. I have changed, my life, my goals, my mentality, my body. I was contemplating writing a long post about the things that affected my life and made the old idea of sharing my fitness journey, not a priority. Then i decided those things are the negative ones, and even though I’ve learned and moved on I’m not going to waste time on bringing them back.

One thing I will share is my fitness progress  from back in that time. Where I began , where I finish and where i’m at now. A lot did happened in between. But today , I stand stronger and with the goal of enjoying the process more.

May 2012


August 2012


Above you can see 3 months (12 weeks) of  a lot of work. With all honesty a few obstacles and bad food choices throughout those 3 months, but kept much of the consistency needed to acquire results. But after these results, many changes took place. Loss of a loved one, Loss of a job, and the realization that the coaching I was receiving to prep for show, wasn’t the healthiest one. You already know I was under a coaching team and we’ll I will leave that topic for another post. In which I will show my current body photos. I let myself go. Stopped working out, stopped eating healthy. I just went through a “I don’t give a &@#%”. Until I guess other aspects of my life took a more positive note and it’s more overall stable is that I think I’ve refocused myself. Damage to my progress had been done but that lack of effort and the negativity was short lived ( short lived for about one year). Now is time to keep that positiveness, drive and determination on high!


Food prep practice!

I have been over-worked lately! I will be off the next few days so I have so many things to share with you guys. First off , I have not started training yet. Geez, I really dislike putting excuses up.

                                                                                                                            I AGREE! I gotta do this!!

But I have been flying 6 days straight 1 off and just haven’t had any energy to workout. On the few days I’ve had off I just want to relax. So yeah, maybe I do need to put more effort and just hit the gym even if I fall asleep on the machines.

I was able to at least prepare competition prep food for 4 days away. I took a few pics of what I cooked and how I put it all in my lunch bag.

So it went well. It was like a little practice test for me. I think I will be okay as long as i plan ahead. Cooking and organizing the food for a weeks worth will definitely make it so much easier.

News to share: The BF and I will be moving into a new place. I’m super excited! I will be posting pics of the new place (needs lots of work). But It will be our new project. Looking forward to sharing the improvements as we go along. Once my kitchen comes together I will be doing videos of healthy recipes and competition food prep. Can’t wait!!



Bikini Prep Food:

Only one 3lb ground turkey pack is for my food prep, 2 18ct eggs, organic salad mix and spinach and Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning.

I had 2 do this 2x. I had double the amount of brocolli, cauliflower and string beans.

5 bags of string beans, 16 bags of brocolli florets and 11 bags of cauliflower.

I’ve been working a lot lately, a lot. Going to go chicken breast and white fish shopping tomorrow right from the airport.

Also super excited, I have received a few products to sample and review. Reviews coming soon.